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Macintosh Garden
The premiere website for Mac abandonware. Get old drivers & apps. The website doesn't display properly on Netscape 4.x, however, you can still use the site search and download stuff.

Kan's 6100 website
A wealth of info for every owner of a PowerMac 6100. Upgrade choices, hardware specs, frequent problems & more

Clock Chipping
Information on crystal oscillator swapping/acceleration on Apple Macintosh (and clone) computers for giving your old machines a few more mhz.

Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium
A page entirely dedicated to cheats for classic MacOS games, hand-picked by Macintosh Garden member Bolkonskij.

Mac Garden Free Web Hosting
Free (read: no costs) web-hosting by the Mac Garden for YOUR personal 90s style website.

System 7 Today
Even though it is semi-abandoned, S7T still boasts loads of info for anyone running a System 7 Macintosh, including a must-have driver update list (recommended!) and various other hints.

MacOS Today
News about the classic MacOS. Has a MacOS programming section too, though it still lacks content. Might need a helpful hand.

The Puzzleboy's Mac Garden Page
Contains infos on emulating MacOS through QEMU on modern systems and a list of software recommendations.

Bolkonskij's Mac Garden refuge
A page by Bolkonskij about his collection of classic Macintosh computers.

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